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represented by Luke Virkstis of William Morris Endeavor



Musical, produced at the Wortham Center

EMANCIPATION is a play that examines how our Black Ancestors in Houston, particularly on Emancipation Street in Third Ward, fought for freedom. Incorporating dancing and singing, this sparkling new play is a celebration of the accomplishments that Blacks have made in Houston, while also highlighting that Black Americans are no freer today than they were during the Reconstruction Years. This project was produced in collaboration with musical genius, Melanie Bivens, who created all new music for the play, and was directed by the incredible Monique Midgette.

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Period Drama, produced at Loft Ensemble 

The freedom of a 1970 Houston, Texas community rests in the hands of four female members of The Black Panther Party—caught in a room with an HPD Officer held hostage. In this story, inspired by true Houston-American characters and events, these four women of the Houston chapter of The Black Panther Party (The People’s Party II) standoff in negotiations with the Houston Police Department in the hopes to bargain for the life of their leader (Carl Hampton) and for the future of their organization. A clever and driven journey of powerful women, caught in a terminal situation, standing for many of the same community values and societal challenges that would still be recognized today. This production was directed by the great Diane Reneé.



    Period Musical Comedy, produced at Stages Repertory Theatre

    Houston, Texas. Spring of 1960. It’s the peak of youth in the lives of four Black college freshman; some are ready for fun, some for success, some for love, and some just want to pledge and party, and in Third Ward they have all of the potential in the world...a segregated world. No longer content with being separate, the four join the revolution against inequality and racism and find the path to adulthood along the way. Set to the love songs, dance hits, and revolutionary tunes of the ‘60s-‘70, this rockin’ new musical is inspired by the real story of Houston’s first sit-in that led to the city’s desegregation, and full of up-to-the-minute spontaneous humor. The original production was directed by the amazing Aaron Brown.

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      Period Comedy, produced at Alley All New Festival 2021 (Alley Theatre)

      Hollywood, 1954. Black comedienne Doris Jean is performing at an after-hours club and catches the eye of producer Samuel Stahr. His T.V. show featuring a former radio star is floundering; Doris Jean may be just what The Eva Rose Show needs. Doris refuses to play a maid and is cast as one anyway. But the two women connect and make a delightful comedy duo. Still, how high can a talented Black woman rise in old Black and White Hollywood? The first two workshop productions were directed by the superbly talented Tiffany Nicole Greene and Laura Moreno, respectively. 

        co-written with Elizabeth A.M. Keel

        Musical Comedy, produced at

        Stages Repertory Theatre

        A tidal wave of magic, romance, and hilarity. Hans Christian Anderson’s tale is reimagined in Galveston Bay, as marine biologists and lovable sea creatures work together to save their shores from the wicked, accessory-loving Pursula. This world premiere production was helmed by the wonderful Tevyn Washington.

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